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Surrendering to What Is

The strength and power is in letting go. Easier said than done sometimes, I know.

Surrendering to what is

What it is vs What is should be

I’ve come to learn that there is this invisibly-epic-yet-vital fine line of taking action vs letting go. Surrender can be used in both options, of course. Coming or going. Answering or letting it go to voicemail. Meditating to attract or taking action to chase.

I’ve come to grow into knowing which tool to pull out of my arsenal for most situations. Though many are still a learning lesson on my Path of Progress.

I used to think that ‘doing’ more would yield more results. I mean shit, some version of that worked perfectly in NYC. A city pace and place and challenge I’m comfortable in. But it didn’t and doesn’t work quite as well in central Florida, where I moved a few years ago to heal my soul some and slow down. Ironic, I know.

Knowing when to let go, trust and attract vs change, chase and figure out a way – is like New York City vs Tampa for me.

Siwwy mind wabbit, you.

It’s like I get this version of what things are supposed to be like stuck in my overly active imagination, which then feeds it to my mind ON FREAKING REPEAT igniting the fighter in me who then confuses surrendering to any other option with losing. Did you follow all of that?

When in all actuality, knowing the difference between surrendering into a situation as it being what it is versus when to fight is the most empowering and winning choice one can make. And it can be applied across the entire spectrum of potential situations.

A few simple questions I ask myself are: which is bringing me towards peace? Which is bringing me forward vs backward? And what are my vibes in this situation?

Last but not least, what if everything is exactly how it is supposed to be in this moment and all I have to do is let it be? It can’t be THAT easy, right?

Fucking mind-blowing.

Til next time..


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