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The Cement Garden of NYC

Checking In

It’s a beautiful night in New York City.  After a tumultuous week, I’m finally resting in a peace amongst the busy streets of fellow hustlers below and unable to shake this feeling of ‘home’.  For my soul’s at ease here, as I sit on this rooftop typing these thoughts.

We arrived late yesterday morning.  The magic was instantly infectious and started with a serendipitous collision on the plane ride there.  By the time evening came, I was in a penthouse suite of the Ace Hotel in Manhattan doing makeup for an Apple promo and a band I cannot name yet.  All of which culminated three hours prior to the call time in an Uber on my way from The Bronx to Brooklyn.

NYC is a Power Spot

There’s a subliminal vibe I catch every time I’m here. And I’ve learned through trial and error, that if I can keep my thoughts positively on the end game, my body rested and balanced and my energy as pure as possible-I can almost instantly witness my desires (thoughts) manifest before my eyes.

This is not something I’m repeating from a book I read.  I’ve lived here many times prior to this visit and for better or worse, the pattern is a constant each time I play in the cement garden of NYC.

The most interesting part above all the career stuff though, is observing my own growth.  Witnessing my evolving responses to life on life’s terms.

Things Happen in Three’s

They say things always happen in three’s, and last week was definitely the case. I lost a dear friend suddenly to a cancer he told no one he had, re-injured my right foot and came to terms with the end of a relationship that meant a lot to me.  All while running my business, working gigs and showing up for my commitments as a mother and otherwise.

Packing for NY f*cking sucked, I’m not gonna lie.  But even though all these factors seemed to be happening at once and at the worst possible time, I kept my mind on executing what needed to be done. Because I know that everything changes, this moment has a purpose and this too shall pass.

The Pendulum Swings

I always remember, in the challenging times, that just as the pendulum has swung to this particular point in my life circumstance, so too must it also swing to the exact degree in the opposite direction at some point in time. It’s universal law.

And so it is with where I’m at on this trip to NY and this trip called life. Somewhere within the pendulum’s axis, always swinging up!

Manny this post is for you!

I’m Curious

How do you handle challenging times and what are some techniques and/or mind frames used that might help others to know about?

Be sure to comment in the space below, and share this with a friend!

See you in the next post!!

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