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The Mind. The Weapon.

the mind the weapon

The mind can be a weapon or a tool for greatness.

It will tell you you’ve been rejected, that you’re not good enough, that you’re too old to go after the dreams that you’re meant for, that there’s not enough time or money or support. That you need to change this or that to be deserving of <fill in the blank>.

If allowed, it can and will link up with the ego (who fears its own destruction) and keep you imprisoned for years. Or even a lifetime, living a mediocre existence waiting for a better tomorrow.

I know, because this was me. Sometimes it still is but then I catch myself in that bullshit and I’m like ‘oh HAIL NO”!

Contrary Action

The main way I get out of this self-sabotaging funk is by contrary action.

That’s right. Not thinking. ACTION.

Einstein said “you cannot solve a problem on the same level of consciousness with which it was created.”  Or something like that.

Simply put: I can’t think my way out of shit thinking. I have to mind fuck my own mind and ACT my way into better thinking.

I have to take action. And I have to do it enough times, consistently, until the old way of thinking – the old pathways within my brain – are replaced by new ones.

Not an overnight fix, most def.

It comes down to small changes and choices that lead to big shifts in my inner world. Thus creating shifts in my outer world.

Outside In?

As I mentioned in my post Change your Hair, change your Consciousness, I’ve found this can also be triggered by changing the outer world first.

I.e. Buying a new car, rearranging your house, moving to a new city, changing your hair, wardrobe, makeup (those are my big ones).

Which work – for a while. But then the whole ‘wherever you go there you are’ kicks in and I’m inevitably left with myself and the inner work.

Pain: the great motivator

If you’re in one of those self defeating thought places mentioned in the beginning of this piece, not to fear!

Even though it feels like shit right now, pain is and can be a great motivator. (It is for this hard headed gypsy, anyway).

It shows me where I need to go deep, where I need to have the courage and humility to ask for help and admit to myself ‘I have no fucking clue what I’m doing.”

For it is from that place I can start to pivot, using the tools I’ve learned to heal and level up!

Can you relate? What are some ways your mind tries to lie to you and how do you rise above the illusions?

Leave the love in the comments below!

the mind the weapon

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