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The Mirror of Resistance

A Cosmic Paradox

The Mirror of Resistance

The Cosmic Paradox

Sometimes it’s easier to see things in others than it is to see them in ourselves.

Whether this is due to ego, trauma or a simple lack of reference, I’ve learned over the years that the character traits and/or behaviors I’m noticing the most in others, for better or worse, are typically what I need to be looking at in myself, in some capacity. 

It can be a new layer coming to the surface with the intention of being healed, or something I’m clearly aware of that needs to be processed on a new level.

Other times, I’m looking at behaviors and choices I’ve already worked through and it’s the Universe’s way of showing me my growth. 

The hack is to RELEASE THE RESISTANCE, which takes practice and presence.

The Pause Button

When I take a moment to pause and reflect, it becomes clear that it’s really not about the other person at all.

I can immediately or eventually be grateful when new stuff comes up, because it often serves as a queue and puts a spotlight on the unconscious issues that are activated and limiting my growth.

Things that were living outside my peripheral. 

Which allows me to execute from a place of power instead of victimhood.

Share the LOVE!

I’d love to hear about your rebirth, journey and how your healing is going in the comments below.

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