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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift with Beachwaver!!

Readers get 30% OFF 2/1 – 2/5 ONLY!


Get your HAIR DID proper!

Do it for the one you love, and do it for yourself!


If you haven’t heard of The Beachwaver before, allow me to BLOW-YOUR-MIND.

Whether you’re a pro makeup artist or a gal that loves everything glam, this product TOTALLY demystifies that twirly-wrist-thingy all the pro hairstylists do to get those utterly perfect beach waves.

I use the Beachwaver® S1 Dual Voltage (white) in my kit and my clients with and without extensions absolutely LOVE the result!

Here’s what I’m talking about!

The Shimmy

Now through 2/5 my readers can get 30% off everythang, just click this link!

With a product spectrum ranging from hot tools to hair cuffs, brushes, hair fragrances and this super-cool-lightweight-dreamy-smelling heat protectant hairspray, there’s something in there for everyone!


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