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This Pen, Poetry by..

Too much going on.Too many thoughts too strong. How long must this pattern persist? I figured once I pulled out of Saturn’s kiss I’d be fine. No longer suck in that sleeping, weak paradigm.  But alas, I find myself, my ways reacting from that place of past days.  When that ignorant haze was all there was. They say awareness is the first step towards changing, and I believe it’s true.  For from there, I can consciously embark on the truth in my heart and let the new paradigm shift through via the choice of thoughts I muse on underneath and into.  Sometimes I just want to let go and not be so strong.  Sometimes I actually do.  Then you come in with your velvety blanket of hope, helping me through water I’d otherwise drown in because not in everything can I swim. Not in every substance should I stay locked in. Circumstances are not who I am, we are. Stars gazing up and down at the same time I believe.  With belief comes the abundance; the dance of Spirit gracing us within and without.  Absolute faith is all we need.  It’s who we are, how and what we see.  What we were always meant to be. Lacing egos supress. Undressing each word building me up with each triumph.  I never gave up on God.  She never gave up on me.  Ridic frequencies manifesting conscious legacies, like the flowering kiss between him and me.  Where spirit holds us both.  And although we fall down and choke at times, we always rise within new confines to break through and reinvent. Much like it is with life..

…and this pen.


Photo: @allcitysmitty

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