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Trust Your Mistakes

Trust Your Mistakes

My mistakes have always been my favorite teacher. For better or for worse, I learn and process the world through experience. I wish I could say it’s always as simple as reading a book and choosing otherwise, but that’s just not my operating system sometimes.

I must fall down, lick my wounds, process then pivot.

Not listening to my gut and the vibes I get from toxic people and situations, thinking I know what I need when the Universe has something MUCH better in store for me, trying to change people that promise the world and want to skate by on ‘bare minimum’, are but a few scenarios that have screwed me more than I’d like to admit. That I’ve allowed to screw me.

Yet each has left me with an awesome lesson for which I’m grateful for.

There are no victims here. We each create our own reality via the choices we choose.  Situations will eventually reach an inevitable breaking point if an element within the whole is not entirely in its truth for an allotted amount of time. When I or you or we are not in our own individual energy, in it’s raw authenticity, within ourselves.

Mistakes are lessons. Trust what they teach you. Don’t repeat.

As an empath, I have the ability to sense what is not seen. As a human being, I have the ability to consciously or subconsciously choose denial when what I’m seeing is not what I want to see. This insight is, in and of itself, another lesson I’ve learned through the years…from my seeming mistakes.

If I break it down to black-and-white, avoiding the repeat of past mistakes is as simple as checking in with my vibes and trusting the pattern, because there’s always a pattern somewhere. If the vibes and/or the patterns are positive, I keep going. If they suck, I pivot.

You owe no one an explanation.

I believe my higher power and higher self want me in peace.  Yet I also believe the seeming mistakes guised as lessons are also there to advance our soul and consciousness. The sooner we choose differently within a pattern, the sooner the same shit stops coming towards us.

Final Thoughts

Mistakes are lessons and therefore there are no mistakes.  Repeated mistakes are not an excuse to pick up the bat and beat ourselves up. It’s a growth opportunity to learn from the experience, and do the best we can to choose differently next time.

To turn away from those same situations and people that bring turmoil and rob our peace, be it physical and/or energetically, is a reflection of growth within one’s self. Easier said than done at times, I know. But if you’re willing to risk one outcome, try risking in the opposite direction next time. The unknown is kinda fun!

It helps me, to trust in a definitive knowing that whatever comes next – is going to ROCK.

What are some ways you’ve grown from your mistakes? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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