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Winter Wardrobe Skincare Favorites 2022!

(NYC & FL!)

Winter wardrobe skincare favorites 2022

Hello Beauties! 

Happy New Year from Manhattan NYC! Sounds glamorous, I know, but it’s legit BRICK out. (i.e. cold af.)

Last week we had a wind chill of -1 degrees (do you even plural that?) and today’s high was 25. 

All that is to say, living here really is a lifestyle, and as much as I’m like ‘wtf did I sign up for’ sometimes, when I do leave, I miss it, because there’s nowhere like it. 

Talk about a dysfunctional relationship, lol.

Thankfully, Tampa, Miami and my thong bikini are in the very-near-future.

I Digress

Between the new year and this cold weather, I’ve been seriously reevaluating what I’ve outgrown and what is still working in my current skincare regimen (along with other areas of my life).

My skin is forever changing, whether it’s the climate, age, hormones, stress, etc, and so my skincare needs to change as well to accommodate this, achieve balance and have flawless makeup (when I do wear makeup).

This lifestyle between NYC and Florida has me shifting my skincare routine in a circus act to honor how my skin reacts to moist vs dry climates regularly. 

The amusing performance got me thinking: I can’t be alone in this skincare situation. Whether it’s winter or world travel (jelly) our skin is affected by our internal and external environments 100% and needs different products for different times of the year and our lives.

So I did one of my favorite things: I made a list!

Whether your skin needs a reboot or you’re ready to break old habits and try new things (or all of the above) – this list of winter skincare favs is for you! 

It’s suitable for both NY and Florida versions of winter (i.e. 24/7/365)!

Everyone’s skin and lifestyle are different so feel free to book a virtual session with me and we can pick your skin rx together if you’re not sure!!

PS- A lot of brands have sales going on right now through the end of the month. The one I hopped on was Dr. Brandt’s 40% off 3 awesomeness! The price point is mid to high so it’s definitely a steal. 

I also ordered skincare from Elf for the first time to try their Holy Hydration line, at a client’s suggestion and in response to how I rarely use anything mass in my kit.

Let me know what you got and how it’s working for you!

Photo: @nycastle

kris de la renta

DR Brandt

This one I JUMPED ON! I use SO MANY products from this brand, specifically the masks and they aren’t cheap! Right now through the end of the month, you can put together 3 products and get 40% off at checkout! Serums are also 25% off through 1/29!

Here are my favs:


I actually had a client turn me onto these. I used to say this brand was great for teens and under 25ers as far as quality goes, but boy have they upgraded! And still with the killer low price point. They have a buy 3 + Skincare items and get 20% off, and get 2 free minis with $25 purchase, or an additional gift with a $40 purchase!


Don’t forget about your lips! This has been one of my favorite lip lines for YEARS! If you’re addicted to the plump, you’ll love these as an addition to your other skincare products!


These don’t have any specials but their products never let me down for keeping my skin in top shape 24/7/365!

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