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YouTube Beauty Videos; Mine’s LIVE!

What’s the hype?

My new video is LIVE!!

Youtube beauty videos are a great tool to expand your business or to make into a business on its own.  Alongside the customer connection it creates, which hopefully turns into leads, once you reach a certain amount of views you are allowed to monetize the channel and if your following is on point you can gain income from the ads.

Transparently speaking: it’s A LOT of work. I’m in no way an expert at a smooth production process at this point.  As my team and I are still working out the kinks in our flow and creative process. But we’re close and know you’re going to dig the final results!

I have two channels. The one I’m focused on developing at the moment is the KDLR Beauty Labs channel. Which is beauty related (duh) and the community reach for my makeup services company KDLR Beauty Labs.

For easy access from here, you can also watch what’s on the channel right from my site via this link.

Are you on this YouTube journey as well?

If so, what is your process? What works and what would you tell a newbie?

Comment your experience below and keep the convo flowing!

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